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If you have anything to say, please leave a message and we will have someone to contact you at the first time. You can also call the hotline: 400-898-1688




Industrial Solution


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With comprehensive customized services, Nettrix will join hands with Internet customers to create products that exceeds industrial expectations, and focuses on the R&D of cloud computing infrastructure, aiming to become the reliable partner of Internet companies.


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With their rich practical experience and flexible server-based infrastructure solutions, Nettrix’s professional and concentrated technological and service teams can provide telecommunication operators with localization technology support.


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With experience in smart taxation and transportation projects, Nettrix will give full play to its strengths in innovation and R&D to make contributions to the information-based service construction and innovation of the government.


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Committed to becoming a domestic leading financial information-based solution provider, Nettrix will provide assistance for the digital transformation of financial customers and enable smart banks with its timely customized services.


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With its experience in smart grid, smart oilfield and other energy projects, Nettrix will join hands with partners to improve their use of information technology with the help of cloud computing, big data and IoT.


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Dedicated to the deep integration of IT and education and the development and transformation of education industry, Nettrix will provide every education customer with comprehensive customized services from product and solution to technological support.


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Nettrix enjoys its experience in serving 100 high-end manufacturing customers, and can customize reliable IT infrastructure platform based on different customer needs and scenarios and improve the production efficiency and manufacturing quality of such manufacturing companies.

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