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Relying on the industrial experience of 15 years, Nettrix is committed to providing products and services in line with actual needs.
Nettrix Profile

Nettrix Information Industry (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as Nettrix) is a server manufacturer integrating R&D, production, deployment, and O&M, as well as an IT system solution provider. It aims to provide customers industry-wide with various types of servers and IT infrastructure products such as common rack based on X86 architecture, artificial intelligence, multiple nodes, edge computing and JDM life cycle customization.

With a focus on servers for 15 years, Nettrix has developed server products for industries including Internet, telecommunications, finance, medical care and education before the company was established. Over 90% of the employees in Nettrix are R&D staff working in R&D centers in Beijing and other cities. The company also has built its sales and after-sales network in provinces and cities nation-wide.

With years of experience in R&D of servers, Nettrix aims to fill the gap in the fine customization of server in the market. Understanding user needs, the company has provided their customers with comprehensive customized services regarding software, hardware, O&M, services and certification. Highlighting efficiency and controllable cost, Nettrix cannot only provide users with server R&D, manufacturing and deployment services, but also guarantee product reliability and stability through fine management. 

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