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Nettrix Product Family

Common Rack Server
This product is widely used in corporate and market involving Internet, finance, education among others. Highlighting multiple product features and flexible scalability, the product can meet users’ overall needs for performance, energy efficiency, intensity and stability.
Product information: R620 G40    R620 G30    R610 G30    R420 G30   
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Artificial Intelligence Server
The product can provide efficient computing support platform for various AI algorithms and various GPU connection topologies to optimization solutions regarding virtualization and cloud gaming in different AI scenarios. The supporting services can provide remote and convenient management for large-scale and remote distributed deployment.
Product information: X660 G45    X640 G40    X620 G40    X640 G30   
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Multi-node Server
The product can support applications including virtualization, NFV and big data analysis in communications industry. With flexible configuration, the product is available for diversified, dynamic and flexible business while supporting customized needs for design, O&M and software.
Product information: B5000   
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Edge Computing Server
The product can support scenarios including IoT and edge computing. In terms of deployment environment on the edge side, the product has been importantly optimized, highlighting outstanding features such as dust-proof and shock-proof and resistance to high temperature and humidity.
Product information: E420 G30   
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