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Nettrix R620 G30 makes full use of computing resource, memory resource and network resource within a limited space and is available for flexible configuration of resources based on business needs, leading to excellent cost-effectiveness and energy consumption rate. The product is suitable for industries such as Internet, finance, communication, transportation and other and can meet the needs of different business models.

Product Highlights

1. Outstanding performance 2. Configurations available for your business needs

Product Features

Brand-new platform with amazing performance

● Available for 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® scalable processors ● Amazing computing performance under brand-new 3 UPI interconnection architecture, with bus bandwidth up to 10.4 GT/s ● Available for DDR4 2933 MHz memory frequency, with an increased memory bandwidth of 20% compared to the previous generation product

Flexible configuration for more options

● Decoupled hardware modules for more computing, network and memory options to meet various business needs ● Twelve 3.5-inch or twenty-eight 2.5-inch hard drives and compatibility with NVMe SSD to fully enable personalized memory resources ● Integrated gigabit NIC, flexibly expandable to OCP NIC and PCI-E plug-in NIC to enable personalized network recourses

Intelligent power consumption management

● For large data centers, coupled with open management platform to fully cover multiple management protocols such as RedFish, IPMI and SNMP ● Optimized O&M efficiency with features of health monitoring and report of key units to enable intelligent operation and maintenance service in product life cycle ● Coupled with new high-efficiency energy-saving intelligent speed control design to enable the whole server to dissipate heat according to the ambient temperature and load, improve the power consumption without affecting the load performance,and achieve the business appeal of energy conservation

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